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Inspiration comes from art. Which are the great works of art—when viewed with pure eyes—that most stimulate and move us?

For me, it’s the works of Nature in my surroundings that I live and breathe in daily. Often the best ideas come while I’m strolling through the countryside, hiking a mountain trail or relaxing by the seaside.

I find that when I simply observe and allow myself to be enveloped by Nature, I am permeated by unimaginable stimuli.

…at the age of six I developed the habit of copying images by hand; at the age of fifty I had rendered many drawings, but nothing that I published before the age of seventy is worthy of consideration. Finally, at the age of seventy three I have come to understand, more or less, the quintessence of grasses and trees. At the age of eighty I will continue to draw and at age ninety I will penetrate the soul of things; at a hundred I will reach the indescribable and at a hundred and ten every dot, every line will be life itself.”
Ellero Composizioni Casarsa della Delizia (PN) ITALY
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