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We create original, imaginative compositions of fresh fruit and vegetables for weddings, inaugurations, meetings, private events and all manner of special occasions. Our compositions are consciously and attentively created to enhance the banquet feast adding richness, elegance, vibrancy and color…

The event is adorned with our eye-catching works which are pleasing to the palate. The fruit is picked directly from the composition by the guests with their own hands and savored. In this way a forgotten gesture is reclaimed as each one extends their arm, picks from the plant their favorite fruit and partakes of it with joy.

The fruit and vegetables in our compositions are of the highest quality. The fresh produce is carefully selected and washed before being arranged in a composition.

Our compositions are created to satisfy each client’s requests—personalized and unique for the occasion.

We take care of the logistics, from delivery to onsite arrangement and installation of the compositions.
Ellero Composizioni Casarsa della Delizia (PN) ITALY
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